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Auxiliary awards $7,000 in scholarships

The Gritman Medical Center Auxiliary awarded $7,000 this spring to high school seniors pursuing higher education.

Three Junior Volunteers at Gritman Medical Center received funds from the Chanda Morris Scholarship. Jaeli Peterson received $2,500, Mackenzie Akins received $1,500, and Lauren Zuba received $1,000.

The Chanda Morris Scholarship was established in the memory of Troy High School student and Gritman Junior Volunteer, Chanda Morris. She was named Gritman Junior Volunteer of the Year in 1991 and was secretary and president of the Gritman Junior Volunteer Council.

Two students, Jaeli Peterson and Mackenzie Akins were each awarded $500 from the Besst Family Scholarship. This award recognizes high school achievements, extracurricular activities, and leadership skills as a Junior Volunteer at Gritman Medical Center. This scholarship also recognizes those who serve as mentors to younger junior volunteers.

Sarah Fry was awarded $1,000 for the Maurine Cherrington Scholarship. The scholarship is named for a long-time Gritman supporter and charter member of the Gritman Auxiliary. Cherrington’s appreciation for the hospital and its programs continues through her generosity to the scholarship programs.

For more information on volunteer opportunities or availability of Gritman Auxiliary-sponsored scholarships, contact Gritman Volunteer Services at 208-883-5520 or
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