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Foundation awards $11,500 in scholarships

The Gritman Medical Center Foundation awarded $11,500 this spring to students pursuing higher education in health care fields.

Courtney Burt was awarded $1,000 through the Midge Presol Health Care Scholarship fund. Mary “Midge” C. Presol, served as director of nursing at Gritman Medical Center from 1982 until her passing in 1999. Midge was a dedicated nurse who believed in rural health care and the commitment Gritman Medical Center has to the community.

Jenna Potter received the $1,500 L. Clay Boyd scholarship. The L. Clay Boyd scholarship was created as a legacy to the former Gritman CEO who strongly believed in helping fellow health care workers continue their education and advance in their careers.

Tareyn Green was awarded $1,000 for Janet Chisholm Martin Health Care Scholarship. This scholarship endowment was created in honor of Janet Chisholm Martin who served as a nurse at Gritman Medical Center for 38 years.

Wendy Roach was awarded $1,025 of the Joyce Drake Scholarship. This scholarship was created by Deb Meshishnek through the Gritman Foundation to help provide financial assistance for students pursuing higher education in health care. Joyce Drake was a former Gritman Medical Center nurse who taught in the Certified Nursing Assistant program.

The Gritman Foundation awarded $8,000 in Idaho Rural Medicine Scholarships in support of the WWAMI Medical Education Program. The Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho Medical Education Program provides publicly supported medical education to students, residents and practicing physicians in the five-state region. The Idaho Rural Medicine Scholarships were awarded to: Tate Saurey for $4,000, Gerald Hagler for $3,000 and Madeline Suppiger for $1,000.

For information on the Gritman Foundation or ways you can support Gritman Foundation scholarships, please email
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