Find relief from chronic pain

Finding relief from pain can help people live a more fulfilling life. Gritman is proud to have the only certified Nonsurgical Pain Management (NSPM) specialist in the area. We took a few minutes to talk with Deb Mauro-Bender, DNAP, CRNA about these new treatment options.

  1. What is interventional pain management?
    Interventional pain management uses pain blocking techniques, such as injections, to alleviate pain. It works best when combined with physical therapy, massage, chiropractor visits, yoga, or medications.
  2. How is Gritman’s interventional pain management different from others in the region?
    In June 2018, we’ll become the only hospital in the area, and one of only 20 in the nation, with a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist who has earned an advanced Non-Surgical Pain Management Certification. This certification took two years of education and hands-on training that allows me to perform advanced injections such as cervical epidural steroid injection and sacral catheters.
  3. Does the clinic prescribe or manage medication?
    Yes. I prescribe non-opioid medications shown to alleviate pain. If opioids are needed, I’ll refer you to your primary care provider for a medication evaluation.
  4. What should I expect when receiving an injection? Will it hurt?
    When you arrive at the hospital, you’ll be offered medication to help you relax. A registered nurse will then escort you to the operating room and get you comfortable. Using x-rays, I find the exact place for the injection and then numb your skin in that area. The injection takes 10 minutes or less and since the area is numbed, there is only a slight discomfort. You can go home shortly after the procedure, however, you’ll need a driver because of the calming medicine.
  5. What can I expect after receiving an injection?
    You should feel immediate pain relief, which may improve over the next week. For best results, injections are usually given in a three part series with a one month gap between each visit.

Ask your doctor if nonsurgical interventional pain management is right for you. Call Gritman’s Interventional Pain Clinic with any questions at 208-883-1152.