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Ask the Expert: Insurance coverage at Gritman

How we work with insurance companies to provide uninterrupted coverage

Health insurance coverage, specifically Regence, is in the news in our region. Dani Lynas, our chief financial officer, is the Gritman leader responsible for working with our partners in the insurance industry to make sure our patients have uninterrupted coverage. She took some time to answer a few questions and help provide accurate, up-to-date information to the public.

Dani LynasChief Financial Officer Dani Lynas

Q: Do you accept Regence? Which insurance programs are accepted at Gritman Medical Center?
A: Yes. Gritman has contracts with most major insurance providers, including those insurance programs widely used in our region like Regence, Blue Cross, Premera, UnitedHealthcare, Kaiser, Aetna, Medicare, Medicaid (Idaho and Washington), Tricare (for veterans) and many others.

Q: How does Gritman contract with insurance companies?
A: Gritman has ongoing contracts with insurance providers. Broadly speaking, this means the contracts remain in place until either Gritman or the insurance company asks to renegotiate. The contracts govern the reimbursable costs for services provided to patients covered by each plan. Gritman has long-standing, positive relationships with insurance providers to help provide the best possible care to patients at a reasonable price.

Q: What financial assistance and advice can Gritman offer patients?
A: Our patient financial services team is there for all patients before, during and after care is received at our hospital or in our clinics. They work directly with patients to determine the estimated cost for care, what insurance coverage is in effect, and what payment options are available. If patients are having difficulty paying for their care, our financial assistance program can help. In 2019, Gritman wrote off more than $5.3 million in charity care and debt patients could not pay.

Q: What does Gritman do with the revenue made through its operations?
A: Gritman is a private, nonprofit organization. Unlike public district hospitals that receive regular tax revenue or for-profit hospitals that have access to investment capital, Gritman relies solely on the revenue we generate through our operations and the generosity of donors through the Gritman Foundation. As a nonprofit organization, we reinvest all our proceeds directly back into patient care through staffing, new services, advanced technology and facility improvements.