Aug. 19: Gritman Medical Center COVID-19 Testing and Hospitalization Update

As part of our effort to keep the region informed of COVID-19 activity in Latah County, we are providing this update on test samples collected, average positivity rates over 7- and 14-day periods and positive inpatient hospital admissions.

Total COVID-19 test samples resulted(1): 61,014
7-day positivity rate: 17.32% (62 positives/358 total tests)
14-day positivity rate: 15.29% (100 positives/654 total tests)
New patients admitted to the hospital for inpatient care in the past week who tested positive for COVID-19 (4): 4
Data reported as of: 08/18/21 11:59 PM
(1) This number reflects the total cumulative count of all COVID-19 test samples (polymerase chain reaction – PCR) resulted by Gritman Medical Center since the beginning of the pandemic.
(2) Inpatient admissions data is calculated since issue of the previous week’s report.

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