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Committed to providing primary care in your community

Rural clinics ensure everyone has access to health care

(Part 3 of a three-part series exploring the importance of establishing a relationship with a primary care provider. Part 1: Having a primary care provider can help you live longer and healthier. Part 2: When should I go to QuickCARE instead of my primary doctor?.)

Find a doctor Our Find a Doctor tool can help you find the right primary care provider for you.

Having an established primary care provider results in the overall best health care outcomes, but access to providers and health care in many rural areas of the country is often limited.

Fortunately, here on the Palouse, you don’t have to go far to find the right provider. In addition to our Moscow Family Medicine and Internal Medicine clinics in Moscow, we have clinics in Kendrick, Potlatch and Troy dedicated to providing you and your loved ones with compassionate and comprehensive care.

“Having access to care in Troy and other rural areas is an absolute need and we are all very blessed to have the clinics,” Troy Clinic physician assistant Jennifer Grinage said. “I could not imagine not having the clinics where they are – so many people rely on them. If we didn’t have our clinics, many people would never step foot in a health care office.”

All of our rural clinics offer personalized primary and family-focused care for both acute and chronic needs. Primary care providers can treat common ailments like respiratory infections, headaches, back pain and urinary infections, and they also manage chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, anxiety and depression. Once you have established a relationship with your primary care provider you will have a team monitoring your health needs, ensuring you are receiving appropriate screenings, wellness checks and preventative care to help keep you healthy and living life to the fullest.

Our clinics are staffed by highly trained and skilled professionals, from the environmental services technicians to the nurses and physician assistants (PAs) like Grinage. PAs are health professionals who practice medicine under a doctor’s supervision in medical and surgical settings. They can perform routine exams, order lab work and X-rays, prescribe medicines and counsel people about their health.

“Establishing care with a primary care provider allows you to build a one-on-one relationship with the team that is going to be taking care of you,” Grinage said. “We tend to think of primary care as the ‘provider’ when in reality it is the clinical staff and the receptionist as well. Patients can build a rapport with all three and in doing so we are able to individualize their care to their needs and to their liking.”

We know great care also means being dedicated to providing friendly and compassionate service. Our staff is committed to their communities.

“I would never work anywhere else because I have become so invested in the care of these wonderful people who rely on the clinic for so much – and not just medical care: resources for food, community care, housing, disability, Medicaid/Medicare, our charity care, our veterans care, our residents with mental health needs. I could go on and on,” Grinage said. “Our Clinics are so much more than medicine – they are life.”

No matter your age, you should develop and maintain a relationship with your primary care provider, and finding a primary care provider is easy. Call our clinics to find a primary care provider. We are offering both in-person and telemedicine visits.