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Dr. Bonnett: Ready to serve and care for patients

Dr. Jessica Bonnett has been serving patients at Gritman | Moscow Family Medicine’s Westside Clinic as a family physician since joining our team this past fall after moving to the area from Redding, California. Dr. Bonnett is currently seeing patients, both in person and through telemedicine.

She discusses how we are keeping patients and staff safe while still providing great and compassionate care:

Q: How important is it for people to stay on top of their health care needs at this time?
It is very important to keep appointments as previously planned by your provider. We don’t want a person to avoid coming to us due to fear of COVID-19 and then end up with another health complication.

Q: So is it safe for patients at Gritman’s clinics and MFM locations?
Yes, our clinics and hospital are all safe. We are doing everything we can to keep our patients and staff healthy, like screening patients over the phone before they come to the clinics, spacing out chairs in our lobby and moving patients to rooms as quickly as possible. Providers, staff and patients are all wearing masks, and we have enhanced our regular cleaning processes.

While our clinics are very safe for care, if you are not comfortable coming in, we will do our best to provide a telemedicine visit if we feel we can appropriately evaluate you over video. Please call to make an appointment if you have a health issue or if you canceled your normally schedule appointments.

Q: How is telemedicine working for you and your patients?
It’s working well. Right now, I am seeing about 50% of my patients through telemedicine. It has allowed us to safely see patients, and I think it has helped with continuity of care and patients keeping follow-ups.

Q: Can telemedicine help people who may be struggling with being isolated and having their lives turned upside down by COVID-19?
We can use telemedicine to help with many issues and conditions, including anxiety and depression, both of which are very common right now. Being able to address those without bringing people into the clinic has been great. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel you are depressed.

Are you depressed?

Q: How has COVID-19 affected you and your family?
A: My family is feeling the same strain that everybody else has. My oldest misses preschool and going to the grocery store, and all of my boys miss their friends and going to the park. As a family, we have canceled gatherings with friends and multiple trips (both local and an airplane ride away), which has been hard.

I think as a community we need to look forward to a new normal. COVID-19 is not going to disappear soon, so we will need to work together to find a way to follow the reopening plan and make changes to our routine that we can live with long term.

To learn more about how Gritman is working to keep you safe, go to gritman.org/coronavirus.

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