ACLS - AHA Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Cost: $250

HeartCode ACLS is a self-directed, comprehensive eLearning program from the American Heart Association (AHA). HeartCode ACLS online uses esimulation technology to present realistic patient scenarios. Students are presented with a team dynamics lesson, 10 ACLS hospital-based case scenarios, and an exam. While interacting with the program, students assess each patient, formulate a treatment plan based on ACLS guidelines, and provide treatment.

Once enrolled in Heartcode ACLS through Gritman’s HealthStream Learning Center, students can access the self-paced course anytime from any computer. Once a student has finished the online HealthStream portion of the course, which may take ten hours for ACLS, they must schedule a time with Gritman’s Education Department to complete a hands-on skills check off on voice assisted computerized manikins. Skills check off for ACLS takes less than 30 minutes. Checkoffs are scheduled individually during normal business hours.


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