Job Shadows and Non-Clinical Internships

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Gritman is proud to offer job shadows and college internships to exceptional students, supporting the future leaders of our community.

Internships are offered through collegiate contracted programs. Most internships are unpaid, but credits can be applied toward degree programs. Job shadows and experiential visits are available depending on department capacity.


Hands-On Experience

From an eight-hour job shadow to a 360-hour internship, we design a program around your interests. Our internship program allows qualified individuals to explore different positions in health care services and administration. Examples include accounting, marketing and information systems. Most internships are unpaid, but credits can be applied toward many degree programs. Our internship placements are competitive and subject to availability.


Medical Students

If you are a student enrolled in a fully accredited college of medicine, nursing or allied health professions, follow the link below to inquire about clinical experience rotations. Space is limited, and we are not able to accept all student requests.

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