Employee Giving Stories

Rachel Brown, Physician Liaison

Rachel gives because she knows even the smallest donation can make a difference.

“I grew up in this community. I’m from here, had my daughter here at Gritman, so it is important for me to help give back,” Rachel said. “Even if you only donate $5 it still adds up. It doesn’t matter if it’s a large amount or a small amount – it can make a huge difference.”

Justin Minden, Therapy Solutions Director

Justin has been donating through payroll deductions for more than 10 years. His first donation, way back in 2007, was directed to the Martin Wellness Center.

“If you are passionate about your health care and supporting your community, as Gritman is, it is important to donate to that,” Justin said. “If you can give just a little bit, it can go a long way in supporting the hospital.”

Justin also recently gave to the Janie Nirk Challenge, which came to a conclusion in February after more than $120,000 was raised to purchase the latest echocardiogram technology for Gritman. The challenge kicked off in October 2018 after long-time Gritman volunteer, philanthropist and board member Janie Nirk pledged to match the first $60,00 donated to purchase the technology. The six-month challenge was completed early thanks to 143 additional donors and a generous $32,200 capstone personal donation from Ed and Beatriz Schweitzer.

“When she put that challenge out I felt it was important to support that goal,” Justin said. “Ron and Janie Nirk are the big reason why I give because they have been so philanthropic to the hospital. I have always felt if we are passionate about where we work, helping to support the hospital in some small way is important.”

RayKayle Martinez, Executive Assistant

RayKayle gives because she has seen firsthand the impact Gritman Medical Center has on the region.

“This is one of the organizations that I have been the proudest to work for – it comes because of my colleagues, it comes because I see what Gritman does for our community, and I see the impact it has on our patients and the community,” she said.

And she knows that every little bit helps Gritman advance its mission.

“We need to look outside of ourselves and see what our community needs and how we can help,” RayKayle said. “If you can give $5 or $10, that adds up with what other people are also giving, and that helps the scholarship funds, it helps our cancer patients who may need transportation, who may need clothes, who may need help at home. That $5 goes into a bigger pool and it helps people. You are consciously making an effort to help someone else.”

Greg Nordin, Laboratory Director

Greg gives $10 a paycheck.

Greg says that may seem like an insignificant amount for a hospital where equipment costs are often measured in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but those small donations add up – especially when you have been donating for 14 years, as Greg has.

“If every employee in the hospital did that, you’d have a lot of money saved up,” Greg said. “It is important to support the hospital financially with whatever you can do.”

Today, Greg earmarks his donations directly toward his laboratory where he can see firsthand the difference his gifts make. “I support this lab. I support this hospital. I support this community,” Greg said. “I want to see continue to grow — If my $10 a paycheck helps that, that’s great.”

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