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Healing expertise and compassion before and after your surgery

A mission-centered patient care team focused on you

Having surgery can be a source of hope for healing and return to a more normal life. But it can also cause a healthy dose of anxiety.

From the minute that you walk into Gritman, you are greeted with a smile and someone welcoming you and introducing themselves” – Holly Hall, nursing leader
Gritman’s pre-operative and post-operative nursing care is an integral part of the healing process that helps patients achieve a successful outcome for their procedures, including orthopedic surgeries. The entire nursing team is highly skilled with the experience and compassion needed to help patients heal and to also help them feel at home in the hospital.

Our team is there before, during and after your procedure to ensure you get back to living life fully and pain-free.

What to expect

“From the minute that you walk into Gritman, you are greeted with a smile and someone welcoming you and introducing themselves,” said Holly Hall, a nursing leader in Gritman’s medical-surgical and critical care units.

Throughout each step of your journey, we know that communication is key to your comfort and success. Our exceptionally-trained and compassionate nurses are always available to provide personalized care and eager to go the extra mile to make our patients feel comfortable.

“Being in the hospital can be very scary,” said Shelly Nichols, director of Gritman’s medical-surgical floor and critical care units. “Our nurses take extra time to sit with them and their loved ones to get to know each patient’s story, getting to know what their expectations of the healing process is going to be. Our nurses want to help people. They want to help them feel better, they want to advocate for them, making sure they are cared for and getting what they need.”

Your wellbeing and success are our top priorities, which is why we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment and technology for our surgery center and hospital campus. We recently added ultraviolet technology to remove bacteria and viruses as an extra layer of protection for our patients. Prior to its addition, we already had an extremely low healthcare-acquired infection rate of 0.1, far below the national benchmark of 3.5%.

“Here at Gritman we take extra care in making sure that our patients are successful and don’t have those infections after surgery that can sometimes be common in larger facilities,” Nichols said.

Following your surgery, you will be moved into your private room on our medical-surgical floor to rest. As you begin to wake, your nurses and physical therapist will work to get you moving as quickly as possible, a critical step in your recovery from orthopedic surgery. You will have access to technology and equipment that will keep your joint moving and flexible. Orthopedic surgery patients appreciate that our dedicated inpatient therapy gym is just a few steps down the hallway from your room. It’s a fully-equipped space where you and your care team will begin your recovery and journey toward less pain and a better quality of life.

Once you safely return home, you can expect to hear from one of our nurses within 24-48 hours to ensure your recovery is going as planned, answer any questions you may have and provide any assistance or resources to help in your continuing recovery.

From nursing and therapy to nutrition and environmental services, our entire team cares deeply about helping you to live a full and pain-free life. That level of dedication is rooted in our nonprofit mission of providing exceptional care for our patients that’s close to home.

“I put all of my trust in Gritman. I trust them with my family, I trust them with my friends,” Hall said. “We provide exceptional care, and I think we as a facility are amazing, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”