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Leading by example

Exceptional care in the hospital is so much more than the moments you have with a doctor or a nurse. Here at Gritman, it is an entire team effort, from those who ensure your room is clean and safe to those making sure your food is properly cooked.

It is possible thanks to team members like Jake Youngblood, a lead technician in Environmental Services. When Jake started working Gritman in November 2017, he was assigned the graveyard shift. In a matter of months he was promoted to the day-shift lead tech in the Emergency Department because of his motivation and drive.

Jake’s outstanding effort was recognized during our August all-staff meeting. Here’s what fellow EVS lead tech Linda Elliot had to say about Jake:

“Jake is an exemplary employee who leads by example and has always expressed a willingness to learn and to teach others in turn. Jake lives our Gritman values every day and teaches our new staff during training that compassion, integrity, respect, collaboration, accountability and, ultimately, excellence are the foundations of the Gritman way.”

If you have seen a Gritman team member or volunteer doing great things, let us know by sending an email to
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