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Leading the way in anesthesia care and non-surgical pain management

Gritman’s four-person CRNA team of John Schirmer, James Hug, Greg Bauer and Dustin Gill collectively has more than 60 years of medical expertise.

This story appears in the 2019 fall/winter edition of Connections Magazine.

To offer the region and our patients the best surgical options and interventional pain management, Gritman Medical Center has partnered with Panhandle Anesthesia Associates to provide expanded and top-of-the-line anesthesia care here on the Palouse.

This means we now have four full-time Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) with more than six decades of combined experience who are working with your surgeons to provide great care.

This ensures our patients have better access, shorter wait times and overall higher quality care.

Our four-person team of John Schirmer, James Hug, Greg Bauer and Dustin Gill collectively has more than 60 years of medical expertise. They work out of our Interventional Pain Clinic.

CRNAs are held to the highest educational and training standards. All are advanced practice nurses who have completed graduate-level education and are board-certified in anesthesia. Nationwide, they safely administer nearly 50 million anesthetics to patients annually. This means patients who require anesthesia for surgery, labor and delivery, emergency care or pain management can rest assured they are the best hands with our CRNAs.

In addition to the rigorous training required of CRNAs, three of our CRNA team members are certified in non-surgical pain management (NSPM).

“That is something that no one else in the Northwest has,” Bauer said. “Most hospitals in this area don’t have a single NSPM-certified provider.”

The expertise of our CRNAs will allow us to expand services available in our Interventional Pain Clinic. The pain management team offers procedures like cooled radiofrequency ablation, which involves the destruction of nerves to reduce chronic pain by preventing transmission of pain signals.

Rather than simply prescribing pain medications like narcotics to treat symptoms, the goal of Gritman’s CRNAs is to find the root cause of the pain.

Our highly-skilled CRNA team takes pride in spending the time needed to understand each patient’s needs and making every effort to ensure our patients understand their aliment and the treatment being recommended.

Our multidisciplinary approach includes physical therapy, nutrition services, behavioral medicine and minimally invasive procedures, for improved quality of life. Working together with patients as a team leads to the best outcomes.

“I consider us investigational interventionalists,” Bauer said, “meaning we will take the time to dig in and figure out what is causing the pain and then try to intervene to correct that problem.”


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