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Local student helping to fight postpartum depression

Gritman Family Birth Center is proud to support a Potlatch High School student on her journey to serve individuals struggling with postpartum depression (PPD). Charlee Beckner’s process started with her interest in neonatal nursing as a career after high school and the need for a senior project. Along the way, she learned just how big of an issue PPD can be for many women.

“I found out there is not a lot of support for postpartum depression in this area. It meant something to me to do that project,” Charlee said.

Charlee3Charlee Beckner, Potlatch High School student

In May, she started working with a friend and mentor, Jessica Lusby, who is a Certified Nursing Assistant in the Gritman Family Birth Center, to combat this problem. Her solution was to hold an informational session to listen to real stories from women about their experiences with PPD and to share Prozac that may help others.

Charlee said she feared she would not get a strong response when she reached out for individuals interested in sharing their stories. In reality, she had a large number of women respond and want to help by sharing their experiences.

Charlee’s hard work paid off and the Postpartum Depression Awareness Night is happening 6:30 – 8 p.m. Friday, Jan 17, in the Gritman Medical Center Conference Room.

Charlee’s plans changed from neonatal care to join the National Guard because of strong family ties to the military, but her love and desire to work in health care has not wavered. She will become a medic in the National Guard and then stay in the area for nursing school.

Great job, Charlee! We are proud to collaborate with people like you and can’t wait to see you how you enlighten the medical community in your career.

For more information on postpartum care, including PPD, visit gritman.org/postpartum.