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Marines of the Palouse fight for Gritman

During the COVID-19 crisis, our staff has done everything possible to prepare for an outbreak in our area. Throughout it all, we have depended on your help and support, and we have been overwhelmed by the community’s generosity.

Just this week, the Marines of the Palouse, a nonprofit organization led by veterans and dedicated to helping area veterans, donated 1,000 disposable surgical masks to Gritman! This amazing donation will be critical in helping us protect patients and staff in the days ahead and with disposable facemasks in short supply. Marines of the Palouse also donated 500 masks to the Moscow Police Department and 500 to the Moscow Volunteer Fire Department.

“We decided to give back to the community that has helped us thrive,” Marines of the Palouse President Matt Decker said. “We are all part of this community, we all care about each other, and we know that there’s serious stuff going on. If we can protect our first responders, the people who are in first contact with the potential sick, then we should do it.”

We can’t thank the Marines of the Palouse enough for their generosity!

The community has also rallied to help us address the facemask shortage. We have had nearly 3,000 cloth facemasks sewn and donated to the hospital and clinics. Based on our current use and estimates, we have set a target of 8,000 facemasks. You can find more information on our needs, patterns and tips at gritman.org/facemask. You can also contact our volunteer services coordinator, Kim Malm, with any questions at gro.n1624569112amtir1624569112g@mla1624569112m.mik1624569112 or 208-883-5520.