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Partnering for a healthier community

National Recovery Month in September is an opportunity to celebrate our friends and loved ones in recovery from mental and substance use disorders and the organizations and people helping them to succeed.

Mental health and substance abuse are nationwide issues that have contributed to countless tragedies, and the Palouse has not been immune. Both issues were identified as top areas of focus in Gritman’s 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment, a report compiled every three years to identify and analyze the community’s most pressing health needs and to create a plan to address those needs.

Gritman is committed to helping address the Palouse’s mental health and substance abuse issues, and a major component of that is forming partnerships with and supporting local organizations like Latah Recovery Center, which since opening Sept. 1, 2015, has worked to provide a voice and support for people with mental health and addiction issues.

The center uses a peer support model and relies on the experiences and leadership of volunteers who are in recovery. The center provides recovery support services that promote recovery through advocacy, education and service. It strives to end discrimination surrounding behavioral health issues and remove barriers to recovery while ensuring people in recovery and their supporters are valued with dignity and respect.

“The Latah Recovery Center provides an important first step and ongoing support for people entering into recovery,” LRC Director Darrell Keim said.

In addition to our partnerships, Gritman also offers free access to our Online Clinic that features trusted information from leading health care experts. Primary care providers at our Moscow Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and rural clinics in Kendrick, Potlatch and Troy are also great resources and can help you on your journey. To schedule an appointment, call:

Learn more about the Latah Recovery Center.