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Pelvic health physical therapy offered at Gritman

Lauren Jentges is a physical therapist at Gritman Medical Center’s Therapy Solutions. She specializes in pelvic health physical therapy.

You may be familiar with physical therapy (PT) for knee or shoulder issues, but many people are unaware that Gritman Therapy Solutions offers pelvic PT. To put it simply, pelvic health PT focuses on treating problems with the three main domains that your pelvis is responsible for: bowel, bladder and sexual function.

All pelvic health PTs have received advanced post-professional training on top of their regular PT degree to help understand and treat these sensitive issues. The heart of pelvic PT is the same as all physical therapy – to evaluate the problem you’re dealing with, to come up with goals and functional strategies to optimize your recovery, and to empower you with a new skill set moving forward to understand and manage these issues independently.

Like all pelvic health PTs, I am passionate about helping people with these difficult-to-talk-about and sometimes embarrassing issues. When you struggle with them, you often feel like you are struggling alone – but I am here to tell you that they are more common than you might think! I help people all day with urinary incontinence (leaking pee with coughing, sneezing, exercising or urgency), genital and pelvic joint pain, and pain or dysfunction with the pelvic, low back and hip regions during and after pregnancy.

The pelvis is a complicated network of bones, muscles, nerves and ligaments that can really wreak havoc on your day to day life when not functioning well. On your first visit to any pelvic PT, expect them to ask you questions about how all of your pelvic functions are working. This includes peeing, pooping and having sex – and don’t be shy, because we sure aren’t!

You see, we feel strongly these are normal and even great parts of everyday life that everyone is entitled to achieve their best possible function in. I work hard to cultivate a professional and comfortable atmosphere around these topics so you feel as supported as possible. I enjoy working with all genders and age groups, and you will find my office is an inclusive space for everyone.

If any of the problems discussed in this article sound familiar, remember you are not alone. Whether you’ve recently given birth and are struggling with feeling at home in your own body again, or if you’ve had prostate surgery and can’t believe how frustrating it is to leak with every little cough or movement, I am here to help!

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