Protect Yourself and Our Community

An Urgent Message from Moscow Emergency Physicians

As an emergency medicine physician in Moscow as well as medical director for our regional emergency medical services, my colleagues and I with Moscow Emergency Physicians have seen the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic firsthand. Never before in our professional careers have we witnessed so much illness, disability and death in such a short span of time. As medical professionals who have served the health care needs of families on the Palouse for many years, it is incredibly difficult to watch so much preventable suffering.

There is an end in sight and a way out of this crisis. The COVID-19 vaccines have been proven to be safe and to help prevent hospitalization and death. We are extremely fortunate that the vaccines are free and easily accessible.

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The sad reality is that the COVID-19 crisis has become a pandemic of the unvaccinated that affects us all. The vast majority of those who are sick, hospitalized and dying from COVID-19 are unvaccinated. Currently, over 83% of hospitalized COVID patients at Gritman since June 1 are unvaccinated. This surge of unvaccinated individuals suffering from COVID-19 continues to strain our regional health care system. This is limiting the resources for other ailments including cardiac, stroke, and trauma care.

If you are hesitant to receive the vaccine, we ask that you trust the medical professionals who have cared for you and your family at Gritman Medical Center for over 124 years. Please continue to wear a mask, socially distance, and take measures to protect yourself and your family.

Above all, know that we are always here for you. Please help us by keeping yourself and our community as safe as possible.


Dr. Nick Garrett, on behalf of Moscow Emergency Physicians

Pictured at top are Dr. Nick Garrett and Dr. Sara Lawrence, with our dedicated Emergency Department nurses.