Family Birth Center

The best care for your baby and growing family.

At the Gritman Family Birth Center, our goal is to make families feel comfortable and safe before, during and after delivery. Our birthing rooms create a relaxed, home-like environment where the expecting mother’s personal touches are welcomed and encouraged. And our separate, private recovery rooms allow for quiet and calm as you welcome your new arrival. In addition to a loving, highly skilled OB nursing staff, state-of-the-art monitoring and medical equipment ensure our patients receive the best possible birthing and postpartum experience.

Meet Our New Arrivals

Pregnancy Questions Answered

Whether you’re wondering how to start a birth plan or searching for a remedy for back pain, the Gritman Online Clinic has everything you need to have a healthy and safe pregnancy.


Fully secured, monitored and electronically-locked facility
Optional 24-hour nursery care for your baby
Private birthing and recovery suites with queen beds
Complimentary massage therapy
Spa tubs
Pediatricians and lactation consultants
Room service
Extensive prenatal and childbirth classes and support groups
24-hour Nurse Line:
(208) 883-2229

Providing a Safe, Secure Experience

Your newborn’s health, security and safety are our top priority. Gritman offers state-of-the-art medical and physical security measures, ensuring that anyone entering the Family Birth Center is cleared by our nursing staff. Each baby receives a coded ankle bracelet that will set off department-wide alarms if it nears an exit door or is tampered with in any way. If the alarms are triggered, the Family Birth Center is automatically locked down, and a hospital-wide emergency alert is activated.

Take a Tour

Come tour our award-winning facility and see why generations of mothers have chosen the Gritman Family Birth Center. Tours can be given on a walk-in basis or scheduled by calling 208-883-2229. You can also take our virtual tour. On the tour, you will learn about our services and see the family waiting area, as well as our private suites for labor and delivery and recovery.

What to Bring

A photo ID (driver’s license or another ID)
Your insurance card
Any hospital paperwork you need
Your birth plan
Your cell phone and charger
Eyeglasses (you may prefer them over contacts in the hospital)

Visitor’s Information

At your request, visitors will be allowed in the birthing suite while you are in labor. The number of visitors may be limited at your request, or in special circumstances, by your physician or nurse.

Capturing the Experience

Gritman is happy to allow still photography throughout labor and delivery, so long as it does not interfere with the medical needs of you and your new baby. Videography is happily welcomed before delivery and after both mom and baby are stable, but is not permitted during delivery.

Postpartum Care

Breastfeeding: We have certified lactation consultants and counselors that can answer your questions and support you throughout your experience at Gritman and after your baby is home.

Safe Sleep Hospital: Gritman is proud to be a certified National Safe Sleep Hospital. We are committed to making sure all new parents know the safest sleep practices for their babies. We are also a partner of Cribs for Kids®.

Post-delivery follow-up: After spending a few days at home with your new baby, we encourage you and your new addition to visit Gritman for a post-delivery check-up. Measuring vital signs and conducting a physical assessment will make sure you are both on the right track.

Motherhood Connections

Motherhood Connections is a safe place for you and your baby to meet other new moms to learn and grow together. Our team is here to help you through everything from infant care and development to parenting and choosing the right daycare. Motherhood Connections is free and open to all new moms and their babies, age newborn to six months.

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Pregnancy Massage Therapy

As the body goes through significant changes during and after pregnancy, massage therapy offers many benefits to expecting mothers. Complimentary massage therapy sessions are available for new moms in the Family Birth Center to help initiate the healing and recovery process from labor and childbirth.

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Childbirth Classes

Gritman’s Family Birth Center provides multiple childbirth education classes for first-time mothers and siblings. We also offer a childbirth refresher class and breastfeeding classes.

Expectant Parent Classes
Schedule a Tour
Tour our award-winning facility and see why generations of mothers have chosen the Gritman Family Birth Center.