Support spurs Latah Recovery Center facility upgrades

The Latah Recovery Center never closed its doors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A proud partner in serving people in recovery, the downtown Moscow-based center stepped up when other facilities closed their doors to the public in 2020. While other venues had to restrict public entry as a result of coronavirus precautions, the center continued to provide a safe space for up to 30 events each week.

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Opening its location for recovery coaching sessions, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and additional support group meetings ensured Palouse-area residents had a place to go for support in their recovery during the pandemic. That continued outreach involving 600-700 client contacts each month is one reason center Director Darrell Keim is looking to upgrade meeting spaces.


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Support groups have met behind the cover of a curtain dividing the recovery center building in half since the building opened in 2015. The 2021 remodel includes adding a wall to create more privacy for those meetings, adds a second room for small support groups to gather and creates two small offices for one-on-one coaching sessions.

“It makes the large conference room into a large private room,” Keim said, also allowing two support groups to meet at the same time. Construction is slated throughout 2021.

The center is funded in part through grants and state contributions, but Keim said the support of sponsors and the generosity of donors to its annual Breakfast and Dessert – as well as the recovery center’s annual “Soup’s On” fundraiser – account for about one-third of its budget.

Continued compassionate support for those in recovery is a primary driver for why Gritman Medical Center supports the Latah Recovery Center and sponsors both annual events. Substance abuse and mental health are two of the five issues identified in Gritman’s 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment. The recovery center’s efforts are vital to improvements in both areas, and continued advances in the health of Palouse residents.


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Upcoming Latah Recovery Center Initiatives

In addition to 2021 construction projects, the Latah Recovery Center recently launched a partnership with the North Idaho AIDS Coalition on two disease prevention programs central to the center’s mission:

  • Harm Reduction: The Latah Recovery Center is providing medication including naloxone – which helps prevent a drug overdose – distributing condoms and providing free screening for both Hepatitis and HIV.
  • Safe Syringe Program: An exchange program will provide safe disposal of used syringes to prevent infection.