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The importance of not ignoring your health

Keeping our hospital and clinics safe for care

We have all had a pesky splitter get lodged in a finger. Digging it out is never pleasurable, so many of us go with the ignore-it-and-hope-it-goes-away method.

Sometimes, the wound heals on its own. Often it becomes infected and painful.

For Melanie Zimmer – a well-known and appreciated Moscow community member – it was the latter.

Melanie knew the infection could be cured with a simple visit to Gritman | Moscow Family Medicine’s QuickCARE clinic. But she had her reservations about visiting a medical office during the middle of a pandemic – she was worried that she might have to sit in a waiting room with people suffering from flu-like symptoms.

Her worries got the best of her, so she waited. And the infection worsened.

After nearly two months, she finally caved in and reserved her spot online. When she arrived at QuickCARE, she realized her worries were for nothing. Just like at all Gritman and MFM clinics and locations, QuickCARE has numerous procedures and policies in place, some obvious others not, to ensure all of our staff and patients are kept safe, including:

  • Screening patients for symptoms of respiratory illness over the phone or outside the clinic before entry
  • Requiring all patients, visitors and staff to wear a facemask
  • Restructuring waiting and reception areas to allow for appropriate social distancing
  • Following enhanced strict cleaning protocols

“Walking in I was very anxious, but as I watched how diligent they were about sanitizing and implementing safety procedures, I was confident all would be well,” she said. “It felt very safe.”

After a short time in the waiting room, Melanie was treated by family nurse practitioner Belinda Roberts.

“I should have gone in a month ago,” Melanie said. “I would not hesitate for a moment to go in again if I had another issue.”

And her message to others hesitant to get care at Gritman or MFM: “If you have any concerns about going to QuickCARE or taking your children, you can feel very confident in the policies and procedures QuickCARE has in place.”

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