Vaccine clinic inspires return to ‘Community with a Big ‘C’

Moscow resident Sherri Haight praises kindness, efficiency of Gritman vaccine clinic

Sherri Haight expected to receive her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine through Gritman Medical Center. She didn’t expect the “emotional hug” that came with it from the community she’s called home for more than three decades.

From the crews shoveling snow to the staff shepherding her through the required vaccine stations, to the nurses giving the shots, everyone administering Gritman’s COVID-19 vaccine clinic at the University of Idaho reassured her in the most cheerful way.

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“Every single one of them smiled, and every one of them seemed to like their job,” she said.

The large gymnasium houses a bustle of activity, with enthusiastic workers accompanying patients through the process that includes actually administering vaccines, but also paperwork, regular sanitizing of surfaces and monitoring the health of each person who walks in the door. Members of the Idaho National Guard have even been brought in to help with staffing and logistics.

Sherri Haight shows her vaccine sticker

Sherri Haight felt a sense of kindness and relief after getting her COVID-19 vaccine through the Gritman vaccine clinic.

Haight entered the process with trepidation, as one of the first Latah County residents to receive a vaccine through the clinic during an icy Moscow winter day. But it was the experience upon her arrival that not only made her feel comfortable, it brought back the sense of camaraderie she’s felt separated from through the social distancing health protocols of the COVID-19 pandemic. It gave her renewed hope for the future.

Sherri Haight is pictured.

Sherri Haight

“For the first time in a year, I felt like here is a community with a big ‘C,’” she said. “We’re not alone, we’re working as a big team, and we’re not alone. We’re pulling for ourselves.”

Haight was so moved by her experience that she made a donation to the Gritman Foundation and wrote a letter to the Gritman Family sharing her story. She wants everyone involved to know the kindness she felt.

The situation has also brought out another emotion – relief. Haight recognizes the need to continue wearing face coverings and social distancing to protect herself and others, but she’s slowly allowing herself to have more visits with friends and family outside her home now that she’s received both vaccine doses.

Thanks to the more than 10,000 doses given through Gritman’s vaccine clinic, that feeling of relief continues to multiply in households across the Palouse.

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