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Weight management program offered at Gritman

MOSCOW— Community members are invited to join Gritman Medical Center’s weight management program, a lifestyle change intervention offered by Gritman’s Clinical Nutrition and Diabetes Care team.

The group will hold two no-obligation information sessions at 7 p.m., Monday, Sept. 17 and Sept. 24 at 803 S. Main St., Suite 220, Moscow.

Guided by a trained lifestyle coach, groups of participants will learn the skills to make lasting changes to lose weight, be more physically active and manage their stress.

Gritman’s weight management program meets once a week for eight weeks, every other week for six months, then once a month for four months to maintain healthy lifestyle changes. The program’s group setting provides a supportive environment with people who are facing similar challenges and trying to make the same changes. Together, participants celebrate their successes and find ways to overcome obstacles.

Gritman’s program follows the Diabetes Prevention Program curriculum and is part of the National Diabetes Prevention Program, led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Participants are required to have a BMI greater than 25.

To attend a no-obligation information session, contact Gritman Clinical Nutrition and Diabetes Care, 208-883-6341 or email
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